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Designated: 2023
Population: 390,000



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Officially declared Historical Capital of Romania by the Romanian Parliament in 2018 is also known as the ”Capital of Resistance” during First World War when was the capital of Romania for 2 years.

Royal City acknowledged by the Romanian Royal House in 2019

Iași is the city of the first Printing House (1640), at The Three Hierarch Church (UNESCO indicative list), the first Romanian University (1860) and the first Jewish theatre in the world, founded in 1876 by the famous Avram Goldfaden.

At the national level, Iași has the second most important Romanian Publishing House ”Polirom” considered one of the best printing houses, having published over 8,500 titles and printed over 13 million volumes.

Since 1990, Iași has had the largest literary museum in Romania (Iași National Museum of Romanian Literature).


Since 2013 Iasi hosts the largest Literary and Translation Festival in Eastern Europe (FILIT).


Since 2021, the only Romanian museum dedicated to poetry has existed in Iași - the Poetry(s) Museum.


Iași has the largest network in the country of creative residencies to support contemporary writers and translators in the frame of FILIT.




The most relevant and the highlight is Iași International Festival of Literature and Translation (FILIT) is a celebration of books and literature that brings together hundreds of book professionals worldwide, writers, readers, artists animating the city with exclusive and international reaching cultural events, being one of the largest literary festivals in Europe under the Patronage of the European Commission (,


International Theatre Festival for Young Audiences awarded with the “Remarkable Festival” at the “Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe” by the European Festivals Association in Brussels, 

International Education Festival, since 2012, in partnership with universities,


International Poetry Festival (2022 edition of Poetry Week under the patron of UNESCO Romania),


CLASSIX Festival, bringing together in Iasi over 60 international classical music personalities from 14 countries, combining music with painting, photography, literature,

The Tramway of Literature – a dedicated tram, personalized, including a small library for passengers promoting reading and Romanian authors, with permanent circulation,

The Book in the Park/on the Bench initiative promoting reading in open spaces


Librex – usually in April / May yearly, more than 150 Publishing Houses attending, from Romania and abroad, 29 years of existence 

Gaudeamus – in September/October yearly (since 2019) – around 40-50 Publishing Houses attending

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